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Online Banking

Club Accounts

Christmas Club

Holiday shopping is more fun than ever when you spend the money that you've saved all year long. Your Christmas Club account will earn quarterly dividends and grow throughout the year with regular deposits made through payroll deduction, in person, or by mail. This restricted account allows you to access your funds without penalty between October 1 and December 31 each year, and automatically renews for the next holiday season. Setting up your Christmas Club account is as simple as letting a Century staff member know, or by completing a Payroll Deduction form.

Vacation Savings & Special Accounts

Planning to take the family on a spectacular getaway? Start setting money aside now in a special account for your vacation. A Century representative can help you set up a savings account (separate from your regular shares) for any special need (such as college or income tax), and you can still take advantage of payroll deductions for deposit convenience. Dividends are paid quarterly.