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Savings Accounts

Earn really high dividends, cash rewards, prizes and more!


Our special savings club for children ages 12 and younger teaches them the importance of saving money and spending money wisely.

Kids receive their very own account at Century. They'll learn first-hand how a credit union works and how to manage finances. Skills and habits they develop now will serve them well throughout adulthood.

Our new, loveable hedgehog mascot, Penny, makes saving money FUN and REWARDING! Meet Penny

Just like hedgehogs need a nest for shelter, your child needs a safe place to tuck away money they earn from an allowance, receive on birthdays, etc.

Super-high dividends paid quarterly at Century help your children grow their money much quicker. Since the inception of our original kids club in August 1997, we've paid an annual percentage yield of 5.09% APY.

With the rebranding of our kids club, we're blowing out all stops and boosting the APY to 10.00% at the end of 1Q 2024 and beyond on the first $1,000 on deposit. A competitive rate will continue to be paid on higher balances.


Amazing club benefits

Besides getting a high rate of return on their deposits, your child can look forward to receiving these other benefits and more as we add to them:

  • $10 bonus added to their balance at account opening
  • A bag of gifts at account opening
  • Cash awarded when making their 6th, 12th, 18th and 24th in-person deposits, with the amount gradually increasing each of these milestones and the child having the option of receiving $10, a movie ticket or a plush Penny the Hedgehog stuffed animal on their 24th visit
  • A birthday card from Penny
  • Invites to special events throughout the year
  • Up to $5 paid each quarter for getting good grades in school and bringing in their report card

Adults have the opportunity to use payroll deduction to make regular deposits into their child's account.*


Opening a kids club account

It makes a great birthday or holiday gift, and it's the perfect way to welcome a new addition to the family.

Just bring in your child, and their Social Security card, to a branch and complete a membership application (or contact us to request an application by mail). The child is the primary owner on the account, with a parent or guardian as joint owner.

Among the gifts your child will receive from the credit union at account opening are a unique, apple-shaped, indestructible coin bank; a handy savings register; a cute and fun stamp card for them to bring in when making deposits; an educational coloring & activity book; a light-up bouncy ball; and other cool stuff!


A successful financial future

Help us teach the children in your life savings habits that will go a long way toward securing their future. The satisfaction they receive from doing business "just like Mom and Dad" is a dividend that will pay out over a lifetime!

When your child turns age 13, their kids club account is converted into a Boost club account which has its own unique benefits, including the opportunity to earn a $1,000 or $500 scholarship from us!

*To encourage children to learn about their accounts by managing them directly, payroll deduction transactions do not count toward the cash rewards. Children who live too far away to visit regularly are encouraged to handle credit union business by mail.