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The Next Century Kids’ Club

Centipede's earn 5.00% apr* on their first $1000

Led by C.C., the Century Centipede, The Next Century Kids' Club will teach children everything they need to know about saving money early and spending money wisely. Our club members receive their very own accounts so they can learn first-hand how to manage their own finances. And we make learning fun!

Dollars and Centipedes A newsletter for kids of the next century

Here is what the children in your life can look forward to in The Next Century Kids’ Club:

  • Savings accounts opened with just $1.00. The child is the Primary Owner, with a parent or guardian as Joint Owner. Gifts upon opening a Kids' Club account include the Centipede savings bucket and a Centipede passbook.
  • Quarterly dividends earned on balances of $1.00 or more.
  • Fun Centipede gifts for every fifth visit to the credit union (for example, to make a deposit) and a very special prize for the 25th visit. *
  • Educational and amusing quarterly club newsletters.
  • A birthday card from C.C. and the entire Century Staff.
  • Invites to special events throughout the year.
  • The opportunity for adults to use Payroll Deduction service to make regular deposits into a child's account.
  • Bring in your report card each quarter and we will pay you for your good grades! (up to $5).
  • And we're thinking of even more every day.

If you would like your children to join The Next Century Kids' Club and receive program benefits, just bring your child in to complete a membership application (or contact us to request an application by mail). Help us teach the children in your life savings habits that will go a long way toward securing their future. The satisfaction they receive from doing business "just like Mom and Dad" is a dividend that will pay out over a lifetime!

*To encourage children to learn about their accounts by managing them directly, payroll deduction transactions do not count toward the Centipede gifts. Children who live too far away to visit regularly are encouraged to handle credit union business by mail.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate