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VISA Credit Cards

VISA Platinum & Classic Credit Cards

Members are raving about Century's VISA Platinum Credit Card, with no annual fee, a rate of just 8.9%, and a 25-day interest -free grace period on purchases. But that's not all: the VISA Platinum actually pays you CASH BACK on all your purchases. Once you accumulate 1500 points, you are able to redeem your cash at your convenience. To redeem your cash, you can call Century Credit Union or visit the Credit Card Rewards site.

VISA Platinum is available to qualified members based on credit score, but you may also be eligible for our VISA Classic Credit Card. It also carries NO annual fee, a competitive rate, and a 25-day interest-free grace period on purchases.

Download this document for the complete VISA credit card agreement and disclosure information.

A Century VISA is the only credit card you need to carry. Contact the credit union for more information.

To block a lost or stolen card after hours, please call 800-880-0640.