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Overdraft Protection

As a Century Credit Union member, you have access to three overdraft protection options to keep you from paying pesky service fees when your purchases exceed your balance.

Overdraft Privilege (for checking accounts)

Our overdraft protection service, Overdraft Privilege, will automatically cover overdrafts up to your personal limit* amount, which is determined by credit score. This service is available with no sign up to all members with a Century Credit Union Checking Account. You are protected from the inconvenience and merchant-related fees when and if your check is returned due to an insufficient balance.

Overdraft Privilege PLUS (for debit cards)

We offer additional overdraft protection for your debit card, Overdraft Privilege PLUS. This option provides the same coverage, only on your debit card. Prevent your debit card from being declined by merchants or ATMs due to a low account balance. You must opt in to receive this service.

Overdraft Line of Credit Loan

Additionally, we offer overdraft protection utilizing our Overdraft Line of Credit Loan. This loan is used specifically for overdrafts and acts as a security blanket for your checking account, protecting you from bounced checks automatically. You can even use this type of overdraft protection to write yourself a check for a special purpose.

Give us a call at 1-800-880-0640 to activate an overdraft protection service or stop by a Century Credit Union location near you today.

*Personal limits are assigned on a case-by-case basis, based on credit score.